10 Style Channels Better Than RMRS? Men’s Fashion YouTubers Kicking My Butt

10 Style Channels Better Than RMRS Men’s Fashion
YouTubers Kicking My Butt [0:00:00]
In today’s video, gents, I’m going to be highlighting ten men style channels that
are better than mine. Are you ready, guys? Let’s get into it. [Music]
First up on my list, gentlemen, Alex Costa. Now, I met up with Alex in London and I have
to admit, he is smart. This guy knows and has an eye for style. So, we started talking about casual style,
he showed me his Instagram page. His thought process is he’s going through
putting together videos. I’m like this guy knows what he’s doing. One of my favorite videos, How to Look Good
in Every Photo. I know a lot of you guys, you’re taking
pictures maybe you’re putting them out there in social media, perhaps you just want to
have great pictures so that you can have them on your profiles even professional profile,
Alex has got you covered. That video, he goes into all the tips and
tricks of how to take an amazing photo. Next up, I’ve got Robin James over at Man
for Himself. And what drew me to Robin’s channel is how
carefully he scripts out his videos. As a video creator myself, I’m like I have
a lot to learn from this guy. So, I reached out to him, met up with him
in London and he creates amazing videos. So you want to go check out his brand battles. You know he talks about different products
are they overhyped or are they not which by the way check out the one on Tiege Hanley. He took on Tiege Hanley, guys. You want to go check out this video because
he – he basically says, is it overhyped or is it the real deal. He also had this great video about the worst
haircut that he ever got and what he did about it to fix it. So, another great video to check out by Robin
James. Next up, we’ve got Ranveer over at Beer
Biceps. And, I saw some of you guys talking about
this guy in the comments, so I went and checked it out, then I learned the guy’s story. So, apparently he was a bigger guy, lost a
lot of weight, put on a lot of muscle, and he wanted to share his story. And now, he started, yes, to get into men
style. So, the first video I watched was actually
how to be instantly more attractive and he talked about the power of fragrance. What I loved about his video is how he actually
showed it. He actually did a little bit of filmmaking
with this. He went the extra mile, then he gets into
the detail. I’m like this is a man after my own heart. I love this channel. Now, Ranveer is really clear that he targets
the men over in India over in Pakistan over in Sri Lanka over in Bangladesh, but if you’re
over in Canada, you’re down in South America, understand that his tips still apply to you,
guys, so go check him out. Now, this next one I’m sure is going to
surprise some of you guys, but I’m putting Based Zeus on this list because this Olympian
god knows men style. You ought to go check out this video, Six
Ways to Instantly Improve the Look of Your Face. He brings in some good information at the
same time he has fun with it. He does things that I just will never do on
my channel. But, if you enjoy some fun, you want to go
check out Based Zeus. Next up, I’ve got Christian over at Theo
& Harris. This guy what I love is he presents good information
on watches and he is very well-spoken. He’s coming out to my Menfluential event
in Atlanta. I’m excited to meet him. My favorite videos the he has, $1000 how you
can get an amazing everyday watch for that price point. You want to go check out that one. Next up, I’ve got Sanj over at Sangiev. He knows vintage style. So, he’s not afraid to go into some of those
older shops there in London and he brings out things that haven’t been around for
awhile. He talks about what is in fashion and that’s
the big separation. So, I talk about style, classic style, Sangiev
– Sanj gets into the fashion, guys. So, if you’re into that type of thing you
want to go check them out. It’s a great channel, go check them out. Next up, I’ve got Joe over at BluMaan and
he has the best hair on the internet. And this guy knows hair. He’s got so many tutorials out there, but
if I were you I would start off with Three Easy Hairstyles. And so, if you’re looking to change up your
hairstyle a bit which I’m looking to do that by the way, you want to go check out
this video, guys. Next up, I’ve got Charlie over at Charisma
On Command. He has some of the best research videos out
there when it comes to body language, human interaction. I really like how he talked about how to maintain
your cool whenever you’re being attacked in opposition. He talked about Jordan Peterson. Just a great analysis. And when I’m watching this I realized this
guy actually, one, knows how to jump on trending topics, but he also knows how to do the research. It was much better than the original interview
and I learned so much. So, for that reason, Charlie is on this list. Next up, I’ve got Jeremy over at Jeremy
Fragrance. This guy not only knows fragrance, but he
can actually pronounce everything, unlike me. He also does a spin move which let me see. Now, I totally screwed that up. But, the guy just makes it look so smooth. I’ve met him in person, he’s a good friend. And, when it comes down to fragrances when
I’m doing research, I go to his channel to make sure my information is right. So, when it comes to being an authority on
the subject, Jeremy is the one. Next up, I’ve got Raphael Schneider over
at Gentleman’s Gazette. So, there are certain things I’m not going
to talk about because I never wear them. There are just certain things that are more
I would say for the dandy type style or more the vintage style, Raphael has you covered. So, definitely go check him out over at the
Gentleman’s Gazette. So many great videos more than I can list
here, but I’m going to list some of my favorites down in the description. [0:04:55]
Next up, I’ve got Jose and Juan Zuniga over at Teaching Men’s Fashion. So, whether it would be gentleman’s tech
whether it would be teaching men’s fashion, these guys are on a roll and they have consistently
with energy been putting out tons of content over the last couple of years. Jose does a great job of going into stores. He does a great job of actually taking photos
of himself with the items he’s talking about which I know you guys want me to do, but Jose
is better at that than me, so I got to, hey, I’ve got to give credit where credit is
due. Now, this next channel bar none is the best
men style channel on the planet. You know why? Because the man behind it is a standup character
and he works harder than any entrepreneur or YouTuber that I have ever met. And it shows in the passion that he creates
his videos that he creates and runs all of his companies and he cares about his customers,
he cares about his audience. He goes out there and he meets them, he puts
himself out there ‘til, you know, he can’t almost work anymore. He even neglects his cats on occasion. But, I love him nonetheless. Who is this mystery man? [Drum roll sound] I don’t think he needs
any introduction. That’s Aaron Marino over at Alpha M.
Now, gents, I know that RMRS is a good channel and the reason I created this video is I wanted
to show you that you can always get better because of all the success that we’ve had,
I always look at all these other channels, I’m saying, you know what? They are really good at that particular area,
how can I learn from them and get better. You should always be thinking how can I improve
myself. Never be satisfied, always make sure you’ve
got that hunger that you’re looking to be the best man that you can be. So, in the same way I’m trying to grow my
channel to become the best men style channel on the planet and you just got to be sometimes
swallow some humble pie and say, you know what? I give credit where credit is due, this one
is amazing at this, this one is great at this, but I’m going to learn I’m going to get
better or I’m all going to bring them into one place and just get, you know, play the
Rains of Cashmere and make business happen if you know what I mean. But, guys, take care. I appreciate you, I appreciate everything
we build here at Real Men Real Style. Go check out all the videos I’m linking
to down in the description of all the channels I talked about, amazing channels. And I want to hear from you guys down in the
comments. Did I miss a particular channel? Who would you have added to this video? Who – who just kicks my butt in a particular
– in a particular type of way? I’d love to hear from you down in the comments. Take care, gents. Bye. Oh, what you think of the new hair? I just had fun with it today. [Laughs]
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ac0XpJceIXo – How To Look Good In Every Picture

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    https://youtu.be/Qz1JvreepHA – 6 Ways To Instantly Have A Better Looking Face

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    Charisma On Command
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    Jeremy Fragrance
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  2. Question: to make this sort of video, where you use clips from other youtubers – do you have to ask them for permission first? I'm curious how you go about avoiding some sort of copywrite claim or whatever (I'd love to make a similar video, but in my niche).

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