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NATALIE: We have another special treat for
you today, and because we’re talking fall-forward style, why not have a fashion show? Why not? TASHA: Why not? NATALIE: Now I am quite the shopper, but I
can sometimes feel very lost in a mall about, like, putting together outfits. So I love seeing what professionals will pull
together and how they style and create different outfits. TASHA: Absolutely. FabFitFun has an entire team of professional
stylists who are ready, willing, and very able to help you look your best. NATALIE: Yeah! TASHA: So we offer FFF Style to all of our
Members who sign up. Let’s go meet two of the members of the team
who are going to tell us more! NATALIE: Let’s do it! Hi, ladies! TASHA: Hello! NATALIE: How are we doing? MICHELLE: So fabulous, thank you for having
us! TASHA: Thank you for joining us. NATALIE: So we’re joined by Michelle and Marissa
from the Style team. We’re so excited to have you here. MICHELLE AND MARISSA: Thank you! NATALIE: And you look very fall chic. TASHA: Yes, I love it. MARISSA: Obvi FFF Style, so thank you for
noticing. Thank you for noticing. NATALIE: Naturally. TASHA: This print is so fun. It’s horses, but then when you, like, pull
away, you almost don’t even realize that it’s horses. MICHELLE: It’s so great. It’s got kind of that Celine vibe, but at
a more affordable price point. TASHA AND NATALIE: Yes! NATALIE: And I love the cinching at the waist. Into it. MARISSA: She actually bought this style while
they were in Paris, so it’s really, really special. MICHELLE: Yes, we sourced products for our
Members in Paris this year. TASHA: Oh my gosh, wow! MICHELLE: In Paris in an exclusive capsule. TASHA: So let’s get our viewers up to speed. What is FabFitFun Style? MICHELLE: Well, to me, it’s probably the best
membership perk, but I’m a little bit biased. TASHA: Okay, that’s okay! MICHELLE: Yeah, um, in short, it’s a personal
styling service, but to our Members, it is so much more than that. We connect them to a live human like Marissa,
one of our amazing personal stylists. They hand-select items based on a whole array
of responses that our customer provides for us on their unique lifestyle and their body
shape and their fit and their size preferences. If you’re anything like me, I am not a big
shopper. I don’t love the online experience. NATALIE: Online is hard! MICHELLE: Yeah, it’s overwhelming. There’s too many choices. It’s impersonal. So what this offers is a personal experience
that’s really hand-curated for you. It ships directly to your doorstep. On top of it, you get to take advantage of
membership offers, membership pricing, perks, VIP rewards. There’s a whole lot of additional benefits
to being a FabFitFun Style member. Plus, you have three days to try it all on
before you buy it, and then ship back whatever you don’t want to keep. If you keep everything, you get 25% off. TASHA: That’s awesome. NATALIE: That’s a great deal. TASHA: That is a great deal and so convenient. NATALIE: I think convenience is such a huge
part of it too because it’s so hard to find time to go out and find, like, the perfect
outfit. You might find a piece, but then you’re like,
“What do I put it with?” And just having stylists who know what they’re
doing at your disposal is incredible. MARISSA: Imagine getting a beautiful box where
you just get to have a glass of wine and try it on at home in your own room and just chill
out and pair it with everything else in your closet too. NATALIE: That’s amazing ’cause that’s the
key part too is seeing what you already have and what it’s gonna work with. MICHELLE: Plus, you get a personalized note
from your stylist on all the ways you can possibly wear it. NATALIE: Oh wow. So what sizes do you accommodate? MARISSA: So we’re stoked to be able to over
extra small through XXL, and then we’re really, really excited. We offer extended sizing all the way up to
3X, so we can dress so many Members, and we’re really, really, really proud of the selections
that we have and everything. TASHA: And how does someone sign up? MICHELLE: Well, that’s easy. Go to FabFitFun.com/Style, fill out our style
profile quiz, provide us with as much or as little information as you want. The more you give us, obviously the more customized
your experience is. Wow, tripping over my tongue this morning. And the more Marissa has to go on to send
you a beautiful wardrobe. MARISSA: But you can totally say, “I just
want a surprise,” and we’ll send you a surprise too. NATALIE: So we actually have a comment that
came in from Tisha Madson who said, “Just put my order in for the FFF Style Box. It’s great. I’ve done it three times, and it’s the best
experience.” MICHELLE: Amazing. MARISSA: Thank you, Tisha. NATALIE: Amazing. MICHELLE: So to give a little bit more about
it for those who don’t know, you pay $20 to reserve your spot and stylist. Once you complete your quiz, it’ll be automatically
scheduled. You’ll get charged that styling fee once your
Box is ready to ship, which gets applied to anything you decide to purchase, so you get
that money back. And then if you decide to keep everything
once you receive your Box, again, it’s 25% off. TASHA: That’s so great. NATALIE: I mean, I love, and I know our Members
love a good discount, so yeah. MICHELLE: Who doesn’t? TASHA: 100%. NATALIE: And so this service is a Members
Only perk, so if you are not a FabFitFun Member, you cannot get the Style Box. But we want to show everyone just what your
team is capable of, so we’re gonna get into action. We’re gonna have a little bit of a fashion
show using some fall items. We’ve got some team members in the house. We’ve got Marissa’s mom in-house. So I can’t wait to see all of these looks. I’m very excited. MICHELLE: Thank you! So are we. TASHA: Let’s do this! NATALIE: Shall we? All right. Who’s up first? MICHELLE: Okay, first up, we have Vannecer. Looking lovely. Vannecer is petite and an hourglass, so we’ve
kind of taken all of these things into account when selecting a look that’s right for her. MARISSA: And so Vannecer, if you could start
strutting, you are showing off our fabulous, kind of back to school vibe. I absolutely love our Summer & Rose, super
fuzzy, super fluffy, cozy sweater. It also comes in extra colors. Paired with the super cute, houndstooth skirt
that’s great for shopping, work, I mean, heading off to class. This is such an amazing look. I love it with her little backpack and of
course a FabFitFun Style necklace. NATALIE: That sweater is speaking to my soul. VANNECER: It’s so soft. TASHA: This is like a modern take on Clueless,
and I’ve been seeing that. It’s a trend that’s coming back around. I think this is so adorable. MICHELLE: It’s totally timeless. Never going out of style. TASHA: I love it. NATALIE: Thanks, beauty! MICHELLE: Next up, we have Teisha. So Teisha is long and lanky and a rectangle,
so we gave her these amazing shapes, which Marissa will tell you a little bit more about. MARISSA: Well, I love a tall girl. So she’s modeling some of our awesome loungewear. We have these great Free People leggings if
you want to start strutting your stuff. It looks so cool with this fleece pullover. We’re digging fleece in every single area,
I guess. NATALIE: Yes, I love fleece. MARISSA: And she can obviously go workout
or she can just get a cup of coffee looking insanely cool and chic. And her little yoga bag is so amazing for
heading to yoga or just throwing everything she needs in for the day. NATALIE: I mean, this is my go-to. Like, this is – despite what I’m wearing right
now, this is my happy place. MARISSA: Natalie, I’m digging your fall vibes. Every time I’m over here, you’ve got a leather,
little rocky moment, so I love it all. NATALIE: I appreciate it. Now before you leave, we have a perfect question. So Amy Usre says, “Do you have items for tall
women? Like 6’2″, athletic build?” Teisha, how tall are you? TEISHA: I am 5’11” and 3/4. NATALIE: 5’11” and 3/4. TEISHA: You can hardly see, and they go up
pretty high, so you have a lot of length. NATALIE: So the answer is yes. MARISSA: The answer is definitely yes. We have some great jeans for tall girls. I love styling a tall girl, so please sign
up. We definitely have everything for you. NATALIE: Thanks, girl! TASHA: All right, who do we have next? MICHELLE: Next, we have Vicky. MARISSA: This is my mom. MICHELLE: She’s a triangle, and we’ve given
her some great shape. She’s also wearing the Alepel shoes. TASHA: Yes, they look so good on her! MARISSA: Mom, if you want to strut and show
up this fabulous Viera dress. This is one of my favorite styles ever. It’s super flattering, so cute. I love the tucked waist and the flair at the
bottom. This is like the magic dress we call because
everyone looks amazing in it, and we carry it in so many prints that literally people
are just like, “Can you send me this dress in every print you have because I’ve got,
like, six events this year?” MICHELLE: And it’s got pockets! NATALIE: Yes! MARISSA: Okay, and show off those Alepel shoes. Strut your way back here. TASHA: So pretty! MARISSA: Amazing! TASHA: This entire look I’m obsessed with. MARISSA: And then Mom, would you take that
off and show off the dress? NATALIE: Yes, work! MARISSA: Thank you! Look how cute it is! Sassy! Yes! She obviously has her Style necklace on, but
I love, love, love, love this look. Personally because the FabFitFun jacket’s
insanely cool, but I love that she turned this dress that’s kind of, like, um, a little
bit fancy – she added this denim to make it a little more casual, and she also took it
into fall. So this is just a super transitional look,
really versatile, and I love it for day with the Alepel shoes or add a little heel for
night. NATALIE: Yeah, I mean, the shoes can really
just, like, dress it down. You can dress it up. I love it. MARISSA: Yes. Awesome. Thank you! MICHELLE: And thank you for giving us Marissa. NATALIE: We have a comment coming in. Kelly Worthwhile says, “I want that denim
jacket. Yes! I’m yelling!” Yes! TASHA: In all caps. MICHELLE: Request it from your stylist. NATALIE: Oh, request it from your stylist. MARISSA: Yes. NATALIE: Also question from Charlotte Marr. She says, “What are the price ranges of the
items? Are there $30 items or more $200 items?” MARISSA: So actually to be totally honest,
a box’s entire price comes with 5 items, and your price is generally going to be between
$200 and $300. So broken down, your items are much, much
less. Generally, our denim is anywhere between $60
and $90. And a top is anywhere between $30 and $60. Jackets can range a little bit wider from,
like, $50 to slightly over $100. But with super wide range, and generally speaking,
if you sign up for a box, we’ll keep your budget in mind and you’ll be able to get an
amazing box for under $250. NATALIE: And if you keep it all, you get a
discount. MARISSA: Yeah, exactly. NATALIE: Incredible. TASHA: Who do we have next? MICHELLE: Next up, we have Katie. Katie is a circle body shape, and she’s rocking
kind of our casual workwear. MARISSA: Now Katie has been our model for
extended sizing since we started, and so I’m thrilled to have her in our fashion show. She looks amazing in our Kut from the Kloth
Katherine denim, which has been one of our core styles since the very beginning. Katie, will you please strut your stuff and
show off this amazing look? NATALIE: Yes! MARISSA: I just love it! Her little top is so amazing. It’s perfect for a spring/summer top, and
she transitions it perfectly to fall with this blazer. Looks amazing for work, drinks afterwards,
perfect desk-to-dinner look. Katie, come on back. Show us – and oh, that purse. I forgot. The purse is amazing. Obviously FFF Style. NATALIE: And I love the necklace too. MARISSA: The necklace, all of the accessories,
and I love how she just paired it. It’s so perfect to go desk to dinner. I’m just excited for everything about this
outfit. TASHA: I really love that bag. That’s perfect for – like you said – taking
from work, you know, transitioning to – NATALIE: I love the desk to dinner thing. MICHELLE: Yes, desk to dinner! It also comes with a shoulder strap in case
you don’t want to carry it – hands-free. NATALIE: All right. MARISSA: Thanks Katie, that’s awesome. NATALIE: So we talked about the main event. MARISSA: Thank you! NATALIE: So we have the scarf that some of
you may have gotten in your Fall Box. MARISSA: And Katie’s gonna be our scarf model. MICHELLE: Also, there are 5 ways to wear it
in the in-box magazine that we styled for different body shapes, and Marissa has a few
additional that we can showcase for you. MARISSA: So this is just a little basic. It’s great to wear under a jacket – kind of
throw it over a shirt as you’re heading out. Super, super easy. Then, if we want to, like, make it a little
bit more without choking her – there we go. I hate to choke the models. NATALIE: We need her! MARISSA: We need her. We do! I need her back. So this next way’s kind of cute. We basically just left it that way, and it’s
just a little bit of an addition. You just tie it an extra knot. And you have something that’s a little extra
warm, and you have this super cute knot here that sits amazing over a t-shirt or sweater
or anything. TASHA: That is adorable. NATALIE: And can you remind us of Katie’s
shape for the ladies watching at home? MARISSA: So Katie I would call a circle, but
she’s also slightly more petite, so sometimes it’s tricky to dress a petite shape. So Katie’s been awesome working with us since
the beginning to find kind of the best styles for every sort of body shape. NATALIE: Shelly Foresberg also says, “I never
know how to wear a scarf,” so she is taking notes. MARISSA: Yes! NATALIE: Take notes, girl! MARISSA: Well, then watch this next one ’cause
it’s really cute. So we’re gonna bring it back out to kind of
the beginning. We’re gonna pull the itty bitty ends. We’re gonna tie those in a little knot. And it’s really just the itty bitty ends,
and I can’t believe I did that on the first try. There we go, and we just twist it over and
we do that. And it’s like an infinite scarf. And how cute is that? And again, it’s great with a little jacket
or over a t-shirt or anything. TASHA: So cute! NATALIE: That was so easy. MARISSA: I know, right? NATALIE: A DIY infinite scarf! MARISSA: Yeah! It’s a Plush scarf, people. We need it. TASHA: I have a little trick for you guys
watching at home. If you want to make sure that you never lose
this video, just share it, and it’s gonna end up on your own – on your own feed, and
so yo can find all of your styling tips right there. NATALIE: Amazing! So um, will you talk us through each lady’s
shape again? We have a lot of, you know, interest from
the viewers at home, and then also Lauren Hughes-Nickel wants to know if it’s a monthly
box or quarterly box. MARISSA: Michelle, do you want to take it
away? MICHELLE: I feel like I should give you my
best Vanna White here. NATALIE: Great. MICHELLE: So Teisha is a rectangle. There are many ways you can play up this shape,
so you can create a natural waistline for yourself by cinching it, or what we’ve done
is kind of given her this great, boxy sweatshirt that will kind of accentuate what she is working
with. And I love the bell sleeve. MARISSA: So cute! MICHELLE: Yeah. Vicky – sorry, I’ve always wanted to do that. I think there’s a wheel coming, so… NATALIE: There is! You’re gonna have your Vanna moment, I promise. MICHELLE: Vicky is a triangle, so she’s got
a cute, little petite waist, and she’s got some hips to work with. So we just wanted to accentuate that by cinching
it with that – creating that hourglass shape for her. And then Vannecer is an hourglass, so we just
kind of played up her curves with some textures and patterns and made it work for her. Katie is a circle, and so we kind of gave
her this great drapey jacket, so that it just kind of gave her some tailoring lines and
created some nice shape for her. NATALIE: Amazing! Thank you so much to our beautiful models
for being here. Bye, ladies! TASHA: They’re going directly on a plane to
New York for Fashion Week. NATALIE: True! They’re coming to New York! And then the last question was about is it
a monthly box or quarterly box for Style? MICHELLE: It is any time you’d like it. NATALIE: Any time you want. So our regular box is seasonal four times
a year. MICHELLE: You can get it once a month, you
can get it once every three months. We can put it on a cadence so you can have
them sent to you automatically, or you can pick the dates you want to be delivered. NATALIE: Amazing! MARISSA: Yeah, and you can schedule it yourself,
so if you’re like, “I have a trip coming up!” you can schedule it any time, and don’t forget
to tell us that you have a trip coming up because we’ll send you amazing things for
your trip! NATALIE: For your trip, perfect! TASHA: Wow, that is amazing. I am so excited about FFF Style, you guys. You really, really need to check it out. Marissa and Michelle, thank you so much for
joining us and showing us all of those styles!

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