boy me and today I'm here at my girlfriend's best friend Brittany and today we're actually doing a 1 kill equals one strip unfortunately mckaela couldn't make it because you know she was busy so I had to get the next best option which is her best friend Brittany over here and Brittany knows I've been playing for nightlife song getting pretty good so Brittany are you prepared to you know have your clothes on the floor because I'm not gonna lie Michaela be surfing so you're definitely about to be serpent are you sure she's gonna be ok with that um I mean if you got a problem with it you wouldn't be here right – so yeah we want to get it right now um she got a lot of layers on why you got so much layers on I do because I get it like I know you're probably good you look like you're good so I had to put all these clothes on boy I'm gonna put all these clothes on yo this is gonna be harder than I expected I was expecting her to come with as much closed as Michaela did because she looks like she got a lot of ladies alone y'all so hopefully we could get this done y'all be sure to smash the like button right now subscribe if you're new make sure you have your poison operations turned on cuz the grind don't stop pulling almost every single day no actually I will be posting every single day so definitely stay tuned for that be sure to follow us on Instagram her Instagram name will be on the screen my Instagram name will be on the screen as well as in the description just definitely follow us on Instagram let's try to get this video the 40k it likes if we get to 40k likes um we're gonna do a crazy fortnight challenge right yeah totally I think he was ok with it uh-oh we better get story right now it's good I know we better run it up right now I'm excited man because I know I've been practicing a lot so I'm feeling confident enough to get me some kills honestly Brittany I hope you ready alright so oh man it looks like a lot of people are coming over here to retail so I'm excited it's looking like we're off to a good story should I get day Oh see yo you got even for me damn no no no I always did I'm not gonna lie I almost did I'm getting better I trust me I was in this good what will you mean okay really that is so no that's you actually like mckaela right now that's something that you would do when you start being able to build let's go do you see that each area chief are you really wait how many Ares are you smart he's smarter I'm not getting level you should be naked whose Aries don't even count yes no they really don't my ears are naked cuz of you you're a bug in your bug in your bug in not ears you know that's not beer oh you know what to do hurry up you know what to do I didn't even have to tell you boy let's go go yeah come on take it off you see I got that p99 anyway laughs nobody big let go you can't I'll play me can't do this you can't do this buddy come on let them know okay okay I appreciate it you can stop that okay you got a strip yeah he wasn't paying attention or you will use it a little my muscles I understand look look look watch this watch this I hate builders come on Rose chill out so annoying I didn't kill them in my eye that's an eight not that way does it go no I'll make it we call it you almost had me too for a second actually no not you the guy with you oh oh oh you try to finesse me take it off take it off take it off six and a half hours later oh my god ROH really you a cheater huh at least at least you admit when you cheat yo I swore that she's been in it [Applause] go I should I should have told you that I killed those so you can stretch them more best a way how you finesse me that there is I should have the nasty right now honestly that way oh you guys enjoyed it if you did be sure to smash like button right now subscribe you know and make sure every post notifications turn all cuz like I said the grind on stop and I'm posting every single day so you definitely want to stay tuned for exact be sure to follow Michaela on instagram her name is on the screen right now or you could go to the description be sure to follow me on Instagram as well tell me some video ideas that you guys would like to see in the future and we'll definitely get it done for you I know you guys really like the dares so we might do one of those if you guys requested enough or if you have any like more one kill equals something let us know in the comment section down below or you can send it to my Instagram pain I'm gonna try to get it done I know you guys want me to do the spin wheel even though yeah I said she cheated last time but it's all good I might have to cheat what it's my turn to hey no it's all good we go we gonna forget about that we don't forget about it and if my cheek don't complain but here yo trying to get this video to 40k likes if you can we should I smash the like button if you haven't already and I'm gonna see you guys in the next video and remember you gotta cry this time love y'all pe you know the shoes baby I begin to Tim you said they said you


  1. Nate: her Instagram name will be on the screen. @sheismichaela
    ME:I thought her name was britney😂😂😂

  2. Nate u on some streamer stuff with this gameplay i felt like i was watching a daequan vid, I predicted u would get a dub, my goodness that was legendary

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