☆ 5 Best Kawaii Online Stores on a Budget ☆

hello everybody welcome back to my channel today I'm going to be doing a video on my top 5 favorite Kauai online stores to shop at on a budget so if you're like me and you don't have the best paying job and you're still either in college or you're on your own paying rent you probably don't have a lot of money to spend throughout the years I've found some online stores that I find really cute and kawaii items on for a relatively cheap price again I don't have a lot of money to spend so when I do I try to get the most for my dollar rather than spending like 50 to $60 for one item I'd like to pay $50 for 4 items and I have found that absolutely possible with these websites I'm gonna start with number 5 and then go down to one the first one I want to talk about is Amazon which may not seem like the most cute store to get clothing or accessories from but I've found that I find actually a lot of items for like charms and making jewelry or accessories I don't find clothes so much but shoes is another one I find shoes and accessories on Amazon you just have to know where to look and you kind of have to look for a while the next door number 4 that I want to talk about is Aliexpress I have actually never bought from Aliexpress but my friend has and she has showed me some of the items that she's gotten and I absolutely love them I actually have quite a few things in a wish list that I'm pretty close to buying I'm trying to save up money from when I go to Japan in a couple months but they are tempting me so much so she has found she's not super into like the pastel Kauai kind of clothes but she has bought from them before and as long as you check the cellar and make sure it's someone who has good feedback and like a high rating and you buy items that always have reviews I have been told never to buy anything that does not have a review because then you can't see what it looks like you don't have you really have no idea what the product actually looks like versus the picture they're selling it as this actually applies to pretty much any online store that you're going to buy from especially the ones I'm going to list later just always check reviews always make sure that the product looks like what they're saying it is just because there have been some instances where I've bought in something that didn't have a review and I was a little disappointed because I was expecting something that I didn't get which is partly my fault for not checking reviews and making sure that it was decent but at the same time you should be able to trust companies but just always check reviews too number three I'm gonna talk about yes style yes style is a Korean online store as I've come to not notice realize um so a lot of their brand they have a lot of brands on that so you can shop by brand or you can shop by product like beauty or clothing they even have a men's section there's a lot of stuff on there I particularly shop not necessarily for clothes because they don't always find clothes but I do find again accessories like purses and socks and like earrings I found a lot of earrings on there that I like they're relatively cheap they are wholesale but they're actually the quality is surprisingly decent it's good the reason that I don't shop clothing on yes style too much is because I've run into a lot of the one-size-fits-all kind of clothing and because it is because it's an Asian brand and typically women over there are smaller than the average woman in America here I've noticed a lot of the clothes do fit me but they're very tight or they're not the best feeding they're not as big as I wanted it to be but that's only the one size fits all anything that I can choose a size is usually okay I just go up for like a medium or sometimes even a large just to be safe but I've definitely noticed with the one size fits all at least on yesil that usually it's not gonna fit me very well and I wouldn't say I'm necessarily a big person I'm not the finished person alive I'm not by any means skinny but I'm not big enough to not fit one that's one size fit fits all you know so the next door that I want to talk about number two would be a dog dog dog dog is an online store that could like specifically sells like cute clothing cute Japanese clothing and I've only purchased from them once I definitely want to purchase again but my experience was actually very very good with them their prices are relatively low and affordable and even though they messed up an item on my order they sent me the wrong kind of choker that I had ordered as soon as I sent an email saying hey I got the wrong one and I sent a picture of it they responded really fast I was expecting no response like it was just gonna be one of those automated things that says you can't respond you know and they responded within a couple days and they said oh okay you showed us that you got the wrong thing really sorry we're sending you a new one no charge like they just sent me another one they checked to make sure my address was still the same and they sent me another one granted it took a while to get here because it was from China probably but my original order took a while so I was kind of expecting that but I was just really really pleasantly surprised by the customer service and all of the other items every single item I received I really love they are good quality they're inexpensive they're right I was just really surprised with how much I loved my order so basically dog dog has everything you could not everything you could imagine but like they have cute accessories they have cute shoes I actually bought a pair of sheets from them they have cute like skirts shirts dresses they have a really good range of light pastel cute clothes compared to some of the other websites I was talking about which is what I love because I can just look through the whole website and I can find a lot of things that I want so lastly my number one store that I shop for online is wrong way wrong way wrong way I say wrong way everyone else says wrong way but it bugs me so I'm gonna say wrong way this store has an app actually which I used the most and I'll put a picture of it so wrong way is a whole way wholesale website from China and so if you make an order it takes a while to get here but the items if you really search for them you can find a lot of cute clothing for really cheap I've found socks shirts skirts purses I've found pretty much anything I've even gotten swim like a swim suit from them and the quality again I always check the reviews because there was one time I bought a shirt from them thinking it was holographic and it was actually just printed holographic and that I should have read the description because it does say in the description but looking at the picture I was fooled but if you always read the reviews and see if other people have bought it first and they say yeah this is awesome go for it the prices are I don't want to say ridiculously cheap but like they have dresses on there for like 10 to 15 dollars and they're really cute some of them might be thin but if you were an under liner but there's just I can't express how many I bought from them I don't know how many times but definitely more than the other stores just because I've known about them longer but I've scoured their website I have so many things in my wish list I have so many things that I want to buy or have bought from them just always check the reviews and other than that like the prices you can't beat I really really like wrong way so those were my top 5 favorite online brands to shop from I hope you found this video helpful I hope you check out these stores because I I like them I think they're good so if you're looking to buy cute Kauai clothes at a reasonable price definitely check them out I hope you enjoyed this video don't forget to leave a comment like subscribe join the family also I know it's early but I'm wearing my ghost earrings because I'm excited for Halloween but yeah okay I hope you enjoyed this video and I'll hopefully see you in my next one thank you bye you

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