◢ Concept Room TV — Fur Coat Interview ◣

Hey my name is Ninja and you are watching
Concept Room TV Fur Coat is a rare, one of a kind act hailing
from Venuezulea and they are currently dominating the global underground dance scene right now When we got the opportunity to bring Fur Coat
to London for our first ever Concept Room night we knew we had to thank them for their
support and take them somewhere sensational So we are standing outside Coya, which is
one of the trendiest Peruvian restaurants in town right now, eagerly awaiting for Fur
Coat to arrive so we can hear their story one soundwave at a time So do you both play equal roles when it comes
to producing and djing, or is one of you better? We got different things to do. I mean, I could
do the beats, and he could do the synthesizer, or the bassline Yea, when it comes to production or DJing,
I think we give the same amount of effort or input into it. Each one has something to put on the table.
When it comes to djing, when it comes to producing, It’s like a 50 — 50 thing, and when it matches, it comes, and
the sound is made What would you describe your musical philosophy
to be? Sexy underground. Guys or Girls? (laughs) for everybody Yea, I think these days there are so many
names, you can’t fix it. You evolve. You do deep house, you do something else, like techno
or whatever. We just do, like in our sets, a range between
house and techno, and what we like and just focusing on the music What do you wish someone could have told you
about the industry 5 years ago? or even longer. Your career has been going on for over a decade, right? Yea Told? There is nothing can be told that will
be certain in the future, in this career. You just have to be loyal, and true to yourself
and what you are doing. It’s a hard thing — you have to be up to
date, every day, working hard. Making music is not only a career — it is
a way of living. So, where does the name Fur Coat actually
stem from? When we started the project, we knew each
other already many years, almost 10 years. Actually we were friends, playing together
almost at the same time. We started making music and then went searching
for a name. We wanted our name to be something that identifies with our music. At the moment it was something like controversy
— so you either love it or you hate it. So your latest track ‘There is No Time’ is a serious bomb — well done. Can you tell me a little bit more about the production
process behind it? Same as with our other tracks, it’s a jam.
We start jamming on things until we get to that point where we are happy with something
and then we start developing. It was like that. We had already sat with Jamie [Jones]
and we were looking to complete our EP and one day it came through and happened naturally.
We ended up finishing it, sending it to Jamie and he was super happy it and we finished our EP there. So lastly, what influenced your decision to support
us as the headliner for the first ever Concept Room night I think we are always open for new things,
to see new stuff around the city. We come often to London, and we want to know a different
side of it. It’s a brand new concept and it sounded really good what you were trying to
create. That’s the reason. We really appreciate it.

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